Wednesday, 6 March 2013

pretty fabric bobby pins

This is one of the most pleasurable projects I've had lately: bobby pins made with my favourite vintage fabrics and buttons. They are easy, quite quick, and I just love how they look! I found my inspiration here - and if you like what you see I urge you to try these too!

The bonus is that if you've never made a "yo-yo" before (until quite recently I didn't even know what one was, i.e. I just thought a yo-yo was one of those little spinning toys on a string) you're going to learn how (see this great tutorial)... and then you can start, like me, to get inspired by the myriad possible uses for them! (Earrings and necklaces are next on my list... and they could be brooches too!)

This is probably the closest to a self-portrait you're going to get from me - so enjoy! And don't let those small scraps of fabric linger in your stash any longer: get out your button collection, a needle and thread, and make some of these sweet little hair decorations!

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