Friday, 22 March 2013

to wrap a baby bunting in

So in my last post did you notice something peeking out of the tote bag I made? It's not a rabbit skin, you'll be pleased to hear, and daddy's not into hunting anyway: rather, it's the result of my first ever knitting project. (You probably need to know the nursery rhyme for that all to make sense!)

So here it is: my baby blanket from knitted squares, 25 in the end rather than 36 - I was running out of time! I think it's pretty unconventional for a baby blanket and that's why I love it: I really like the mix of bright jewel colours and muted shades. And as a ribbon obsessive I love the deep purple super soft VV Rouleau satin ribbon around the edge (wow, was that hard to sew on neatly!)

I have enjoyed my first knitting experience. It was relaxing (if incredibly slow compared to sewing projects) and so much fun to learn something new. Despite its many flaws and wobbles, I'm delighted with the overall result, and simply cannot wait to wrap my baby bunting in it.

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