Sunday, 7 April 2013

cross-stitch doudou

My French mother-in-law gave me this sweet little "doudou" for Christmas, with the new baby in mind. It's particular stroke of genius is that it has a little bib made of open-weave fabric, just calling out for some cross-stitch embellishment. Very thoughtful of her, as she knows of my addiction to stitching. But cross-stitch is something I've never tried before.

So, here it is, my first ever attempt at cross-stitch. I really didn't know what I was doing and I'm not sure it's properly symmetrical (though a fold in the fabric in this picture makes it look more out of whack than it really is, I think... hope!) My thanks have to go to this book which, perhaps appropriately, is aimed at children.

I love craft books for children (and recipe books too!) I caved for this one after seeing that appealing appliqu├ęd cover one too many times in the children's section of my local department store. I half-convinced myself it was for my son... for when he's a little older (sadly it does seem pretty squarely targeted at girls, but that's ok). I knew really it was for me. It really helped with the whole trying cross-stitch for the first time thing!

I guess that, not being very good at spatial awareness, and definitely not good at anything maths-y, I can be a bit simple when it comes to various aspects of craft. So simple instructions work really well for me. Seriously, I found this easier than anything I came across on YouTube! And I must say, this tiny little foray into cross-stitch has me itching to try more... Happily, for now at least, it seems to be just about possible to do it with a tiny little baby in my arms (I'm super-careful, I promise!)

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