Tuesday, 6 August 2013

old clothes new friends

I've been longing to share this wonky teddy with you. He is made from my old plaid pyjama bottoms and my husband's old grey joggers, both of which were very well-loved and wore out at just the same time.

He is all wonky because I didn't use any pattern to make him, not even one I drew myself. I just cut up the fabric semi-haphazardly according to the image I had in my mind's eye and sewed him up. I made him all of a flurry in the excitement of my idea but he wasn't finished for ages because I couldn't find the right ribbon for his neck. Then I realised he needed a little knitted scarf. It was worth waiting for the right idea to surface.

Very quickly I knew he was destined for my friend's baby-to-be. That baby has recently arrived, a little girl born a matter of hours after Prince George, on 23rd July. I'm excited to meet her this Saturday! I made a little drawstring bag from the same pyjama fabric and some garden twine (does anyone else have a thing for garden twine?) I might decorate it if I have time.

I also bought these adorable little vintage dresses from this fab vintage shop on Etsy that has great sales on Instagram (@vintage_gingerbread - top tip!) I can't wait to see little-miss-sweetie wearing them!

Ah they don't make little girls' dresses like they used to! I just hope she turns out to be a gorgeous redhead like her mama.

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