Sunday, 4 October 2009

drops in the river

My friend J lives on a houseboat and for his birthday he invited us all for a trip along the river. It was so beautiful with the glowing light in the Autumnal trees and the orange and yellow leaves in the water.

When I arrived I could see them all huddling around J, giving him his birthday presents.

Imagine if this were the view from your kitchen sink.

We entered the lock with the low Autumn sun behind us. Everyone was watching us from the bridges and riverbanks.

The people sitting on top of the boat had to lie very flat as we passed under some low stone bridges along the way.

The lock opened and low and behold, we were now at the right level to continue down the river.

All the way there were leaves in the water, scurrying in our wake, and the water captured blue patches of sky and violet clouds.

These images go well with one of the Fleet Foxes' wonderfully luminous-sounding songs, Drops in the River.


Moorea Seal said...

aaaaaah I want to live on a houseboat! how cool.

Anastasia said...

how fun!!
this looks like a great place to probably get dizzy though haha
sounds like a fun outing and a great way to celebrate!

Unknown said...

It was so much fun! And I was surprised how nice and homely it was inside - there was a shower, a proper bed, a proper kitchen, a wood-burning stove much like the one we have in our house! I'd probably go a bit mad with the lack of space though... you have to be so tidy!

Thanks for your comments, Sx

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