Wednesday, 21 August 2013

laundry days

I've long had "make peg bag" on my to-do list, because it's one of those useful objects that is so worth making. More than this: our pegs had been living in an increasingly cracked plastic box, one that was no longer living up to the name of "container", leading to much swearing and cursing.

The only thing is, I was somewhat nervous about making a peg bag. The talented and lovely Anna of Miss Beatrix once posted about her Peg Bag of Doom, making me suspect (knowing myself as I do) that a lot of basting, fiddling, and indeed more swearing might possibly be involved in the process... Luckily, after much searching, I found the right method to help me making something quickly and without fuss. I made my own pattern, but followed the process in Emma Hardy's Sewing in No Time (very useful book I picked up for £2 - score!) You can also refer to an online version of the tutorial HERE.

Emma Hardy's peg bag
The only thing I'm not too keen on with this method is that there are some raw seams near the hole where the hanger comes through. Emma Hardy hides this with a bow at the front, but I added a vintage button at the back too, to help keep that seam folded over and neat (any excuse for a vintage button, you may say).

While I'm on maternity leave, every day is a laundry day, and I love that this wonderful Summer we're having (yes, still!) is allowing me to hang out every load. Now that I finally have something both functional and pretty (clock that vintage fabric... ahhhh!) to help me along, the daily rounds of sheets and onesies genuinely feels less onerous!
P.s. yes this would be even prettier with a wooden hanger - but I'm not about to throw out a perfectly good green plastic hanger!!

Sunday, 11 August 2013

trinket house

I've been having fun with the decoration of my boys' room, and I'm delighted with this simple little project. My first inspiration came from this pin (sadly I can't find the original source, though the pin does link through to the website)...

See the little shelf on the wall? (Note also the amazing bubble boxes - I want me some!) Then I was blown away when I saw on Instagram that The Pampered Sparrow had bought an adorable house-shaped shelf! She guided me to finding one on eBay (just type 'house-shaped shelf'!) and soon it was mine. Here's the beautiful shelf she made with her vintage wallpapers.

I love her choice of colours, love light and pompom garland! Her blog post guides you through the whole process, so check it out if you fancy doing something similar! I also used vintage wallpapers in bright colours, especially red which is a linking bright throughout the room. It was a little tricky to get the triangle shapes right, but with a bit of perserverence they came out fine. I'm so into my vintage wallpapers at the moment! If you fancy getting some yourself I highly recommend VintageSheetAddict on Etsy. Here are some of the lovelies she has for sale right now...

Thursday, 8 August 2013

a list about me

I enjoyed reading Taz's list so thought I'd join in with a little snapshot of what's going on for me right now.

Making : a bunch of things made out of vintage fabric and jigsaws
Cooking : steak and broccoli - my son's favourite meal
Drinking : mango juice
Reading: books on collage, illustration & doodling
Wanting: 1930s feedsack fabrics, Veja shoes
Looking: at the beautiful Fenland sky
Playing: Humpty Dumpty games with my son
Wasting: money eating out
Sewing: patchwork balls, embroidered badges & lavender hearts
Wishing: I didn't crave ice cream so much
Enjoying: seeing my 3 year-old and new baby growing a relationship.
Waiting: to get my hands on my new-to-me vintage, mint green Olivetti typewriter.
Liking: the sound of heavy rain in the garden.
Wondering: how I'm going to get everything done that I'm planning in the next couple of months.
Loving: my boys, big and little, so very much
Hoping: my mum will be OK
Marvelling: at the runner beans we grew from seed running along the neighbours' tree!
Needing: more time in every day
Smelling: baby milk breath
Wearing: a bird print dress bought in France, a baby in a sling
Following: lots of creative & inspiring blogs
Noticing: all the sensory details of life
Knowing: that love makes the world go round
Thinking: about the laundry that needs hanging out
Feeling: emotional, anxious about my mum's health
Bookmarking: gentle parenting websites
Opening: parcels from eBay
Giggling: with my son when we play all our silly games together
Feeling: grounded, loved and loving

I'd love to have a little glimpse of your life so here's a list for you to copy and paste - please link back so I can read yours!

Making :
Cooking :
Drinking :

To see other posts about me, click here.

Tuesday, 6 August 2013

old clothes new friends

I've been longing to share this wonky teddy with you. He is made from my old plaid pyjama bottoms and my husband's old grey joggers, both of which were very well-loved and wore out at just the same time.

He is all wonky because I didn't use any pattern to make him, not even one I drew myself. I just cut up the fabric semi-haphazardly according to the image I had in my mind's eye and sewed him up. I made him all of a flurry in the excitement of my idea but he wasn't finished for ages because I couldn't find the right ribbon for his neck. Then I realised he needed a little knitted scarf. It was worth waiting for the right idea to surface.

Very quickly I knew he was destined for my friend's baby-to-be. That baby has recently arrived, a little girl born a matter of hours after Prince George, on 23rd July. I'm excited to meet her this Saturday! I made a little drawstring bag from the same pyjama fabric and some garden twine (does anyone else have a thing for garden twine?) I might decorate it if I have time.

I also bought these adorable little vintage dresses from this fab vintage shop on Etsy that has great sales on Instagram (@vintage_gingerbread - top tip!) I can't wait to see little-miss-sweetie wearing them!

Ah they don't make little girls' dresses like they used to! I just hope she turns out to be a gorgeous redhead like her mama.

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