Friday, 16 April 2010

I love Toronto

The bump and I flew to Toronto recently. I loved it! Not sure about baby-boy-bump... he made me sick quite a lot, but he does that at home too. I guess one city is as good as another for him!

I was excited to be in the home town of Sweetie Pie Press. So I made a little pilgrimage out to the Good Catch General Store, one of the sweetie-pie stocking stores. It was smaller than I was expecting but still totally awesome and lovely and welcoming. The perfect place to buy a guitar, or homemade cookies, or a catnip cigar, odd little craft items and, of course, sweetie pie badges!

cute sweetie pie badge from the Good Catch General Store

It's the kind of place where you don't just buy stuff, you chat, maybe for hours if you want. I talked with lovely Lisa about boys' names and Wyatt Earp. If I lived in Toronto I'd want to go there all the time.

I also loved The Paper Place - also out West on Queen St. West, but not nearly so far West. I remembered this blog entry from Sweetie Pie Press, so was pleased to stumble across the shop on my long westward walk. It's a paradise for anyone who loves paper and patterns and collage and sweet, strange little exotic finds. I bought chiyogami paper and some pretty little packs of paper scraps - irresistible to anyone who loves to reuse and recycle!

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