Sunday, 11 April 2010

sewing is believing

So this Easter my lovely mother taught me how to use our sewing machine! My husband bought it on impulse (for himself), but neither of us ever figured out how to use it. This is where maternal wisdom and experience really comes in handy, and there's something especially poignant about learning things from my mum as I'm expecting a child of my own.

With her guidance, I made this sweet apron out of an old vintage skirt. It's great because I never wore the skirt but loved the fabric so much I just couldn't bear to part with it. Now it's actually useful again. And because the skirt was swishily a-line, it fits right over my expanding bump no problem!

Then I thought I'd make some pretty Spring-like napkins. Good practice on the machine. They're far from perfect but I'm still really happy with them.

And I'm also making some lavendar sachets - just this heart-shaped one first of all (good practice for sewing curves, I figured!) My hubby's happy because I'm finally using the lavender we collected from our garden last Summer. It still smells so good! I'll bet he thought I'd never get around to it... but I am!


Moorea Seal said...

ooh yay! that apron looks so adorable! said...


Suki said...

Thanks so much Moorea!

And Jo, thanks for the link, I LOVE it! Sorry I've been so out of touch... am assuming the button candy badge I made you never showed up :( Maybe I'll make a new one! :)

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