Sunday, 1 November 2009

button candy

Look what I received in the post! Sweet Jo of Button Candy sent me a consolation prize for entering her 'guessing is fun' competition in September. She's so nice that everyone was a winner in her competition, even though my guess at the number of buttons in her photo was way off.

Isn't it amazing receiving things in the post? I'm such a fan of snail mail. I love opening packages and finding the surprises they hold inside. Knowing that these pretty blue, yellow and pink buttons and hair slides came all the way from South Africa is really special.

This gorgeous card of buttons looks so pretty I'm not sure I'll ever bring myself to use them. I love the hidden story here: these buttons were made in England, somehow found themselves in South Africa (in the 1940s, 1950s?) and then in the 21st Century made their way back to England again. What a journey!

I wish just by looking at objects you could tell exactly where they'd been and who they'd seen. Just think of all those amazing stories.

Anyway, many thanks Jo: button love!


Stevie said...

ooh how pretty! And that's such a neat story associated with the button card.

Jo said...

hi there, it was my pleasure.Hope you enjoy them. I haven't received your parcel yet? :( which address did you send it to again?

Suki said...

Hi Jo, I sent it to your work address - I've sent you an email. Hope it reaches you!

Thanks for the comment Stevie :)

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