Saturday, 7 November 2009


It's my dear friend L's birthday on Monday, her 30th no less! Of course I made her a little collage badge with her name on a strange ghostie background with pink hearts, and a Vanessa Paradis-type mouth holding a pendant.

I wish I could be with L for her birthday, but she's in Paris, and I'm across the channel, and however hard I tried to work it all out in my head, I couldn't arrange things so I could be there. She was with me for my exuberant 30th celebrations in March this year, so I wish I could be with her for her quiet evening with close friends on Monday.

The great thing about friendships however is the way they cross distances of all kinds. She knows I'll be thinking of her, and we're spending Christmas in Paris this year, so hopefully I'll see her then.

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Allie said...

Hullo miss! Nominated you for a blog award... See my blog for more info! :)

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