Tuesday, 10 November 2009


The other day, I saw the most magical rainbow. It was about 7.30am and I noticed a strange light coming in through the bathroom window. Actually, first I noticed that little spots of rain were hitting the window and thought, 'oh, another grey, rainy morning'. Then I saw there was some kind of glow in the light as well.

I looked out.

The colours of the garden were saturated with this glowing apricot dawn light, and high, arching over the whole neighbourhood like a magical bridge, was a rainbow, its colours bright yet somehow softened in the dawn light.

At the moment I'm very tired, my life is very full of work, not all of it very creative, and I'm struggling to keep up with things. So I'm thankful I saw this fantastically hopeful image. It reminds me how beautiful life really is.

Does anyone know any good poems about rainbows? I'd like to read one, since it seems hard to express in words the sheer delight of the thing.


tara said...

the light behind this rainbow is indeed so magical! i'll have to think about the poem some more :)

Suki said...

Thanks for your comment Tara! I wish I could find the words / photography skills to capture moments like this better!


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