Wednesday, 8 August 2012

that's not a pumpkin...

At a fair, earlier this year I bought a tiny pumpkin plant. I enlisted my toddler to help me plant it and every time we saw an image of a pumpkin I told him that was what we were growing in the garden. So imagine my surprise when we got home from our holiday to find this:

So not a pumpkin. But it is a lovely-looking courgette (zucchini for those stateside). I guess I've never grown a pumpkin before, so the fact that the plant (and flowers) looked exactly like a courgette plant didn't throw me. It is the same squash family after all.

Tonight, folks, we'll be eating this. And let's hope there are a few more where that came from!

This is pretty much the only thing I've managed to grow in the garden this year (although the plums are ripening - more on that in another post) since insane late May frosts (yes May) killed the tomatoes and slugs ate the carrots. But now we're in August it is time to be planting this:

Fell in love with this exquisite radish while on our Christmas trip to Austin TX. I hope I can make it work in our damp little English garden!

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