Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Jo's owl

I met Jo through our blogs and it was a nice surprise to be partnered with her in the Correspondence Club. Our first exchange went well. Embarrassingly, after that I was a proper flake and sent her 2nd letter a month late. But Jo was amazing: just look at this gorgeous owl she sent me!

There's nothing lovelier than a handmade owl! I love the way she has used vintage fabric. She has a great eye for colour and texture. She also sent the most adorable little owl lipbalm, and my 2 year-old decided they were mummy and baby owl. Mummy owl lives displayed on the top of our sofa and gets lots of cuddles (and baby owl has to be hidden as my boy likes to put the lip balm on his feet!)

{image taken from the Crafty Kiwi blog}
Jo made a whole bunch of these cute owls for her brother-in-law's music Festival. I'd seen them on her blog and couldn't believe it when I received my very own in the post! I think Jo is planning an Etsy shop - so someday you may be lucky enough to own one yourself! Thank you so much, Jo!

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