Friday, 19 July 2013

simple & sweet wallpaper cards

You know those times when it just has to be a handmade card? Like your dad's 70th or when it's a super special friend? Well these are my latest solution to making special cards in snatched moments between feeds and nursery pick-ups etc.

All I did was to cut out letters with the message of my choice from scrap pieces of vintage wallpaper. You could use any scrap paper for these, but I especially like the texture and thickness of wallpaper.

I also stamped out some star shapes for the one above. For letters I drew them free-hand in pencil on the back (remember to draw them backwards!) then used the straight edges of the scissors to tidy them up a bit. I think a bit of free-hand wonkiness adds to their charm.

I think what I especially like about these is the combination of the clean, simple white cards and the retro fussiness of the wallpaper cut-outs. They may be quick to make but they are unique - something I hope the recipients enjoy!

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