Thursday, 17 September 2009


Some of my favourite blogs are very personal ones, like Moorea Seal's rumination reading room, which has a great big beautiful picture of her face on its banner. I often wish I felt that open to exposure on the internet.

Instead, I'm posting a self-portrait whose over-exposure actually hides my face. And my avatar is an owl (see why here).

Paradoxically however, I feel much freer to be honestly myself this way, not having to worry about who might stumble across my page and discover personal and intimate things about me.

Maybe one day I'll feel confident enough to make my private life properly public. For now, I'd rather fly freely behind my feathered mask. Because intimacy is the way of the blogosphere.


JOWY said...

Just do what feels right for you babe! That pic is mysterious and pretty!

One Love,

Unknown said...

Thanks for the lovely comment Jowy!


Moorea Seal said...

<3 you are so nice. I am adding you to my favorite blogs list! ...also i am probably a little naive as to not really realizing how exposing my blog can be. I just want to be honest and I am, in real life, a very reserved person. The problem is that I am also very passionate and I fumble with my words so I ever feel like i can fully express myself verbally. writing really helps me feel free and a blog makes me feel connected to those rare treasured people out there who get me too. like you! <3

Unknown said...

Thanks so much Moorea!

I think you express yourself so well in your blog... but then you have many other outlets too, like your music, and your art & jewellery-making. I love that you're creative in so many different ways!

I also value the sense of community fostered through cyber-writing and reading. I'm quite new to it but discovering so many interesting and enriching things.

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