Thursday, 27 August 2009


I love finding pretty materials to make things with. Yesterday I came across these end-of-line ribbons being sold off cheaply in an art supplies shop. Sadly the pretty origami paper wasn't discounted...

I was reading on Milomade's origami bag tutorial how she prefers re-using and recycling materials rather than buying new. It made me feel a little guilty about my expensive and pristine paper purchase!

However most of my crafty projects are made using bits and pieces I've recycled in some way. I use a lot of old magazines in my collages, as well as the decorative paper bags smart gift shops often give you when you buy buttons or cards or whatever.

This morning I opened up a beautiful, delicious-smelling pomegranate and blackcurrant soap some friends gave me for my birthday. The colourful wrapper is just calling out to be made into badge jam, birthday cards and other delightfully-scented projects!

There's nothing sweeter than stumbling upon the perfect materials, wherever you may find them.

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