Friday, 11 November 2011

my doll buttons are tired of waiting

Some time ago my lovely man gave me these sweet fabric-covered matryoshka-style buttons as a present (he found them on Etsy but I don't know where: if you recognise them as yours please let me know!) They are so sweet, with their little fringes, pink cheeks and red headscarves. But they are still in their packet, waiting to be used!
As I'm feeling a bit busy and tired and have a lot of craft projects on the go at once at the moment, I thought I would reach out to all you creative bloggers out there and ask for your ideas for what I should do with them. They are waiting patiently for me to bring their colourful cuteness to life!
As you may know from this post, I love matryoshka. I've noticed that recently Russian dolls have become a popular motif for decorating just about everything. I'm not surprised, as they are simple, striking and colourful, so they make great designs. Here are some of the sweetest non-nesting matryoshkas I've found:
felt matryoshka bookmark from Blue Eyed Night Owl (I'm giving this as a Christmas present to a friend who has an incredible matryoshka doll collection)
matryoshka headphones {source}
cookies! {source}
A little tour of the myriad matryoshka manifestations on the web has certainly got me thinking about ways of incorporating the motif in my own projects. How about you, do you love Russian doll designs (like I do) or have you had enough? And what about my buttons, any ideas? Thanks for your creative thoughts!


polkadot-pretties said...

I think these would look great on zipper pouch or even as an embellishment on a cushion... they are cute in their own right too....
Maybe as buttons on a little girls top or dress???
Hope this helps a little...
Claire x

Andrea said...

what adorable buttons! i can never have enough of the matryoshka motif. she stands beside the dala horse as most loved in my book : ) can't wait to see where they end up! xoxo all the best

Unknown said...

Thanks for the suggestions Claire - that's already a lot to be thinking about! I have some pouch-making to do in the near future & will be keeping them in mind...

Andrea, glad to hear you love them too. Had to look up 'dala horse' but when I saw it I recognised it of course - beautiful.

Will update you on these little ladies' progress in due course!

Jennifer Tetlow said...

Hello Suki - they've just got to go on a knitted red cardigan (for yourself) or round the rim of a hat - for me I would put them as buttons on my work dungarees - they'd keep me cheerful all day!

Maša said...

how cute! I would also make earrings or a ring, depending on how wide they are. :)

btw, I have awarded you as one of my favorite bloggers: :)

Blue Eyed Night Owl said...

Wow, those buttons are gorgeous! Look forward to seeing what you'll do with them. I'd have such a hard time deciding what to use them for too! Probably make a hat with a flower and sew one of these in them, but they'd look cute in the center of a collar too. And well... on anything!

Very nice collection too! Those shoes, wow! And thanks for including my bookmark too:D

Lauren Hairston said...

Aaaah! I'm dying of cuteness! When I was in elementary school, we went to Dallas to see a Catherine the Great exhibit and I got to buy a set of matryoshkas in the gift shop. Love them!

I agree with jennifer that the buttons would look so cute on a red cardi or cloth coat.

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