Thursday, 24 November 2011

ribbons & bows

I'm a little bit obsessed with bows at the moment.  I'm starting to think about wrapping presents for the holidays and have been looking out for vintage ribbon. I'm also thinking about making fabric bows. I love this giant bow t-shirt tutorial, such a cute idea:
sweetheart bow t-shirt tutorial by I Still Love You
And I couldn't resist browsing Etsy and making a treasury full of ice-blue and frosty white ribbons and bows, perfect for winter gifts.
Don't most things look better with a bow on them? They can be sharp and sexy...
Marlene Dietrich {source}
...or cute and kitsch...
kawaii nail art

...or fun and quirky...
brilliant bow tutorial by Beth Wilson
I didn't think they could be dangerous, but you never know...

amidarose on Flickr
For me, they are an absolute must on presents, and must always be recycled carefully and saved for craft projects or to wrap another present.

flyhoof on Flickr
Using recycled materials can make fabulous ribbons for wrapping.
andymangold on Flickr
And sometimes the simplest length of string is all it takes to make a perfect bow.
cocoknits blog
So, what are your favourite tips for wrapping with ribbons? Do you have any favourite bow tutorials? And what do you do with the ribbons once you've unwrapped the gift?


Blue Eyed Night Owl said...

Hey Suki!
I haven't been commenting much at all, I definitely have some catching up to do.
What a nice post! Bows are lovely, and I'm so happy to you can never outgrow them:)
I sometimes like to make these tiny little felt bows. I should really do that again soon...

Oh I often keep my ribbons! Though it's so hard to give them a new use sometimes. I even keep the tiny ones you find in H&M t-shirts. Now if that's not a hoarder thing to do I don't know what is:P

Jessi said...

So cute!

I was thinking this year I would need to search pinterest for good bow/present wrapping ideas!

Maša said...

I keep ribbons for later projects. and I never buy paper for wrapping the gift, I always use "leftovers" or old magazines, newspapers or whatever I find around the house. :) I also loved the bow tutorial! now I want to make some.

mini confession: I have bows on almost all of my underwear!

Lauren said...

I always keep the ribbons! I hate having to go out and buy wrapping materials (I'm shamefully cheap sometimes). All our Christmas presents this year are being wrapped in brown paper from the grocery store, hardware store and liquor store plus pretty reused ribbon. I just tell people their presents are "brown paper packages tied up with string." Makes my cheapness seem more festive! ;-)

Love the photo of Marlene from Morocco (I believe that's the film the still is from, anyway) and I actually think I have that bow t-shirt tutorial on my pinterest account. It's so cute!

Suki said...

I don't think you're cheap Lauren - 'thrifty' sounds so much better, and 'eco-friendly' is quite good too! I LOVE the idea of your brown paper packages and would be delighted to receive gifts wrapped like that! :)

Also thanks for locating the film for me!!!

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