Thursday, 1 December 2011


Wouldn't you just love to receive a parcel with this drawing on the front? Well, I did! I ordered some goodies from lovely Laura, aka Blue Eyed Night Owl, which arrived a couple of weeks ago, beautifully packaged.
I love the attention to detail in her packaging, with pretty wrapping, a sweet note and cute stickers.
 It was such a nice idea to put (very pretty!) post-its on the two bookmarks I ordered as gifts, so I knew which was which without having to open them.
 This is the barn owl brooch I ordered as a present for... myself! I love the detail of the stitching and the sweet heart-shaped face. 
 This little cutie-pie arrived as a little extra and now lives on my mantelpiece. I'm a sucker for a teeny tiny owl!
I received another wonderful parcel recently, this time from amazing Andrea, of Paper Sparrow. This hasty photo does not do justice (not even the tiniest bit) to the excitement of opening this package, which was full of lovely things I'd ordered and quite a few extra surprises! Another beautiful barn owl appeared: I like to wear the two together. It felt like Christmas had arrived early. More on this later.
Finally, I received these delicious green tea sweets from the Japan Centre online shop. They are definitely my new favourite sweet treat, made with sugar and maccha green tea powder and not much else. They taste so... green! There is something very calming about them and they're not too moreish, which is perfect for me ;)

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