Monday, 5 December 2011

warm hands, smiling cat

The lovely Claire from Polkadot Pretties is having a 'craft, create and inspire' link-up on her delightful blog, and I thought I'd join in! (It just so happens that I have won something lovely and crafty and inspiring from Claire recently, which is very exciting - more on that soon!!!)


Click the button for some inspiration!

As you may know, I'm trying to make a lot of Christmas presents this year (find out more about my Careful Christmas project). It has been a lot of fun trying to find unusual, appealing presents for people that I can make with my limited time and skills!
This is a Cheshire cat hand-warmer. It is a project taken from Everything Alice, a book I discovered here and absolutely could not resist! It is full of whimsical Alice-inspired projects, from wonderland cookies to mad hatter hats! It is so gorgeous to look at and is full of inspiration. Although it has a summery feel, there are a number of projects that could make lovely Christmas gifts.
the original cats from the book

The cats are filled with dry, uncooked rice and a few lavender heads. You just pop them in the microwave for a couple of minutes and then hold the snuggly, smiling kitty in your hands to keep them warm on wintry nights! (Also our cat likes to snuggle up to the warmth too - cute photo coming soon!) The backs are made from 2 layers of soft jersey.

My husband pointed out that the noses of the original cats are upside-down, which may be an intentionally quirky choice, but I decided to have mine right-way-up. Mine isn't quite as Cheshire-cat smiley... I'll try for an even bigger smile with the next one I make!

Of course cats are just one possibility - I think a cute, cosy owl would be nice too, don't you?

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