Wednesday 7 December 2011

tree stories

I love getting out the Christmas decorations and putting up the tree - who doesn't? I especially love the way each object holds a story or memory, and the way each year something new is added to the collection.
I bought this gorgeous golden owl (along with some hearts) a few years ago from Posh Graffiti, which is an amazing, British, ethical company sourcing handmade letters and decorations fair-trade from Bali, using sustainable timber (more about their ethics here). I bought it for our first Christmas in our own home.
This funny little fellow was a present from an owl-loving friend many years ago. I kept it for years, waiting to have a place where I could put up a tree.
This pretty blue sparrow is a new addition - a handmade present from sweet Andrea of Paper Sparrow! It arrived in the gorgeous package I mentioned in this post.
This little horse is very special as he is older than I am! He was always on our Christmas tree at home throughout my childhood and my mum passed him on to me. He has a little green friend too, just seen in the photo below.
Behind the owl you can see a home-made decoration, 'noël'. About 3 years ago my husband and I decided to make felt decorations. Neither of us knew how to sew so we just winged it! We had a lot of fun. I still really love all the things we made then, even though I can see everything I did wrong! My husband made the black moon and yellow star just seen in the photo below.
This elaborate green kitty comes from Singapore. We bought him in the airport there while we wandered round in a daze on our long journey back from Australia in 2009. He reminds me of an amazing trip and I reminds me that I've set foot in Singapore, even though we never left the airport.

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