Friday, 13 January 2012

so how did it go?

You may remember that I promised an update on my Careful Christmas Project this month. Although Christmas now seems a very long time ago already, I feel it's not too late to revisit the project, particularly as, thinking about the year ahead, I would like to continue the principles of homemade, handmade, re-used, and recycled that underpinned the project.
home-made and vintage gifts
I'm pleased to say that 75% of the 52 gifts I gave met the guidelines I set out for myself (some of them on several counts, such as being both recycled and homemade!) The 25% that didn't included a DVD for my mum that she asked for and I couldn't find second-hand, a few books, 2 presents for my nephew and niece that my husband bought (he saw this as "my thing") and a Camellia plant we gave our childminder. I don't feel too bad about most of these.
handmade gifts
1. FreshyFig zebra necklace
2. Posh Graffiti robin
3. Paper Sparrow pouch
4. Custom name t-shirt
5. Man's cowl by Under Reconstruction
6. Ordinary Mommy pregnant owl
7. Blue Eyed Night Owl bookmark
8. Paper Sparrow desk calendar
9. Montessori baby toys

As far as cards, wrapping paper and decorations go, I didn't buy any new gift wrap or decorations and only used a few new cards (Andrea from Paper Sparrow just happened to have given me some lovely ones!) So 99% success on that front!

I'm looking forward to doing even better next year, with more preparation and taking this year's experience into account.

I'm also looking forward to trying to incorporate more of this carefulness into my year-round living.

So how did you guys get on?

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