Thursday, 23 February 2012

donut cravings

Fact: I am made of donuts. My mum had an incessant craving for them while she was pregnant with me. I don't know whether this explains why I don't like to eat them. It is rather odd, because I love pretty much anything sweet: except donuts.
whimsical floor cushion by Big Birds Boutique
It's a shame really, since I love the look of donuts, their circular shape, the cute little hole in the middle (in fact traditional donuts in the UK are just circular, with jam hidden in the middle instead of a hole). I think my donut love has been displaced onto cushions: pretty, stripey, donut cushions (like the one above from Big Birds Boutique).
source: design milk
Or these fabulous stripey cushions by Camilla Hounsel Halvorsen - even more donut-like as they are made from upholstered inner tubes and therefore really have a hole in the middle! So appealing, right?
I'd never heard of these large, stripey floor cushions dipping to a button in the middle before but suddenly they are everywhere... and I really want to make one! There is a nice tutorial on the two monkeys fabrics blog. Clearly, the smaller your triangles the rounder the edges will be (and the longer it will take to make...)
Of course this concept can be taken to its logical conclusion: by making a giant cushion that looks just like a donut, with sprinkles, icing and everything. Huckleberry Prairie shares a tutorial for this one on her blog. I am tempted, especially when I see this: 
Awwww! Now I am feeling broody. Suppose I were to get pregnant again... I wonder what my craving would be? With my son it was chocolate milkshakes... but I don't think that would make a great cushion!

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