Thursday, 8 September 2011

flowers, kitten, charms

Wearing today: washed-out pink, green and duck-egg floral dress by Joules, old black vest and grey cardigan, charm necklace bought in Kensington Market in Toronto and a cute kitten badge.

I bought this necklace when I was already visibly pregnant and wore it everyday. I love the charms: a white mother-of-pearl heart, a brass charm that says "going steady" on it, a heart outline and a tiny elephant. Then I stopped wearing it because baby owl would grab it. He still does, but more gently now he's older, so I'm wearing it again.

It reminds me of being pregnant, my whole body almost vibrating with anticipation and wonder. It also reminds me of Toronto. I loved the city. I bought an old 1960s Penguin edition of Faulkner's Light in August and didn't notice till I got it home that it had a picture of a pregnant woman on the front. In fact it's a lot about a pregnant woman's long journey, her stubbornness, her endurance.

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