Thursday, 1 September 2011


What is it about owls that makes them so fascinating and appealing? I think there's something rather human about their faces, with their forward facing, blinking eyes. Yet clearly they are very un-human, with their nocturnal hunting and curious, swivelling heads. They are somehow both strange and familiar.

On my reading list is Desmond Morris's book about owls, with intriguing chapters such as "prehistoric owls" (really, prehistoric?) and "medicinal owls". Look out for The Owl Club's book report!


Blue Eyed Night Owl said...

Hi Suki:)

Look forward to reading your review on that book, if you like it I might read it too.

I do own the owl in my header but I didn't make it myself, it is actually made from an antler(don't worry the deer sheds its antler once a year by itself).

You have some great goals for this month! And they sound do-able too:)

P.S. I noticed on your profile that we have so many favorite musicians in common!

Suki said...

Hello Night Owl!

Glad to know about the antlers... it's a very pretty thing - I love your header.

Checked your profile out - I love Murakami too! I'm going to check out some of the music I don't know on your list...

Awesome giveaway... really happy to have found your blog!

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