Monday, 19 September 2011

soul food

In a bid to eat more healthily, we've started receiving a weekly delivery of local, organic vegetables. Here's the thing: I love vegetables. I could be a vegetarian without much trouble. I like meat, but for me it just doesn't have the variety of flavours and textures you get from vegetables.

The only problem is that my husband just isn't that keen on all things green. Gradually over the years we've been living together I've started to eat fewer vegetables and the range has become more limited. The veggie box is encouraging us to eat things that don't usually appear on our shopping list: chard, cabbage, runner beans, broccoli (my favourite, my husband's most hated).

This is good for baby owl, whose tastes, we suddenly noticed after a hectic few months of combining working and parenting (and lazy cooking) are also in danger of becoming even more limited than his dad's!

Baby owl hasn't tried the chard yet (we never push anything if he refuses it) but he did eat a mushroom when I cooked this dish. Small victories, yay!

And I also bought a butternut squash and made this gorgeous spread by Yotam Ottolenghi (get the recipe here) with tahini, garlic and yoghurt. This is my idea of perfect comfort food. 

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