Tuesday, 13 March 2012

busy bee

Life is busy at the moment. I'm feeling tired and not managing to have as many evenings as my creative time - I'm often either working or sleeping. This and the beginnings of Spring weather made me want to write a post about bees. This is a random collection of bee-related memories and things I love!
Sleeping honey bee by Javad Rahimipour Anaraki on Flickr 
As a small child my mother's nickname for me was funnybees. It still makes me feel warm and fuzzy to hear her voice saying it in my head. My dad also did beekeeping for a spell. Somehow these things have left in me a warm affection for those stripy buzzy creatures (not wasps - too scary!) I love the way they hum continually around the lavender in our garden in summer.

It reminds me of one of my favourite poems, The Lake Isle of Innisfree by W.B. Yeats, where the poet dreams of escaping the city, keeping honey bees, and living in "the bee-loud glade".
pinback badges by SoleDeVita on Etsy
These pretty badges are made with real feathers. for me this one has a bee-like feel to it, with the striped feather and warm yellow hues.
Alex Monroe bee necklace
I've long wished for an Alex Monroe bee necklace. I love the fuzzy texture of the bee's body. I am so lucky to own a pair of Monroe earrings - little gold and silver daisies my husband gave me for Christmas (insanely extravagant but I can't pretend I'm not delighted!) I love the fact that all Alex Monroe jewellery is handcrafted in his London studios.
I LOVE honey and I'm so grateful for all the busy bees' hard work in making it! Apparently local honey can help prevent seasonal allergies. I also love the idea of having my own apiary. Our local Jolie Bees Apiaries can supply everything needed to keep bees, plus training! I'd love to do it but my husband is too afraid of bees. He grew up with no garden, just a carpark, so I figure that's the reason.
natural beeswax by PepperGlenn on Etsy
Beeswax is pretty wonderful stuff too: for making eco-friendly candles, lip balms or polishing wood, it is a natural and sweet-scented alternative to petroleum-based products. 

There is so much more I love about bees and everything bee-related - I think I will be returning to this topic again in future posts! For now though, I must buzz off and get busy!

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