Friday, 1 March 2013

sweet wrapper kid's art

My husband gets a little irritated by my hoarding habits. So it's always good to put things into use to show him that it's all worthwhile. This was such a fun, easy activity to do with my little boy, and he loved it! I'd saved all these pretty translucent sweet (candy) wrappers from a box of Christmas chocolates and knew they were just made to become "stained glass". We punched circles in card and just taped them on behind, then used red and green pain to decorate in between.

We talked about colours as we went along, and he began to learn about how to use sticky tape (not self-evident for a 2 year-old, apparently!) We also talked about what happens when colours are mixed - so there's a brown splodge too where he explored what happens to red and green. I love doing art/craft activities together.

Even though it's lovely to display the results (this is taped to the door into our garden), it's about so much more than that: from putting on his apron "all by myself", to tidying up afterwards, to deciding when a piece is "finished" - I love watching him make decisions and learn about actions and consequences as well as creativity. It also reminds me that creativity is also a lot about making decisions, whatever one's age!

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