Wednesday, 12 October 2011

9 cats on Paris rooftops

Cats rule the rooftops in every city. But what better prowling and lounging territory than the zinc-covered Parisian skyline?
I love the look of this film which will show at the London Film Festival this Saturday 15th October. Dino is a cat who lives with a little girl and her mother by day but roams the rooftops with a thief by night... (my DVD is on order)

A 19th Century book for cat-lovers: cats & Paris rooftops have a long and illustrious history!

Max Vadukul for Versace - on the roof of French Vogue 

The Etsy artist is London-based but this sure looks like Paris zinc rooftops to me... 

I've mentioned Mr Chat before. He likes to spread his cute yellow form and Cheshire cat smile over the rooftops of Paris and other cities too... 

I have a postcard with a photograph similar to this image but I love the watercolour version 

And just in case you'd like a whole book on cats and Paris, here you go! 

My lovely man just sent me this link to a French exhibition of street-art cats, which complements this post nicely! Check it out: Chacun Trouve Son Chat


andrea said...

what a great post! i'll definitely be following the street-art link and can't wait to see more. be back soon to have another look at these photos and the animated movie is wonderful--great find! xo

Erika Lee @ A Tiny Rocket said...

cats do rule the city- there is a big orange one that rules our neighborhood :)

Maša said...

how come I didn't see this post before? awesome! :)

susie said...

nice to see the poster of Les Chats, own both the poster and first edition of the book. Cats help me threw life everyday.

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