Friday, 7 October 2011

spellbound by Hitchcock

Although Andrea of Papersparrow's awe-inspiring Tim Burton blog party has only just ended (and there is still time to enter the giveaway here!) I'm already looking forward to the next one: a Hitchcock blog party! Knowing Andrea's amazing style and creativity, as well as all her fabulous blogworld contacts, we can look forward to something really special!
Meanwhile, I've been browsing Etsy looking for beautiful things that remind me of my favourite Hitchcock films. I came up with this treasury, full of hints and clues, like the glass of milk from Suspicion, the zoom lens from Rear Window and a Vertigo-like spiral...
Also, just in case you haven't seen Spellbound, I thought I'd share this incredible dream sequence from the film designed by Salvador Dalí. Like the whole film, the sequence has a very crude interpretation of psychoanalysis, but it's so fabulously surreal and visually compelling that I just don't care!

n.b. for some reason this segues into an excerpt Dalí's collaboration with Luís Buñuel, Un Chien Andalou (also pretty amazing!) To see just the Hitchcock film, follow this link or better yet watch the whole film again!


andrea said...

i love your treasury! I always have to check and make sure someone else hasn't made the same thing I am thinking of. you definitely saved me some time here : ) great video link. I remember going to the dali museum in FL and being in awe of everything. each of the pieces were enormous in scale and breathtaking even for a young student.

Blue Eyed Night Owl said...

What a pretty and clever treasury!

And the film looks very stunning indeed:)

Also I wanted to thank you for your kind words on my clickables and the great tip about wearing one with the cherry sweater, I had not thought of that yet, but I bet it looks great:) Will try!

Dhiraj said...

By choosing precisely what and how much to show and when, Hitchcock manipulates his audience into the labyrinth of suspense. The label, “content-less virtuosity”, ignores the profundity of his films. They reveal his acute observation of the prevailing insecurities in society.

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