Wednesday, 19 October 2011

happiness is a warm blog

Last night I was fast asleep (between baby owl wake-ups...sigh) when something heavy and furry leapt onto me with a growl and scratched my shoulder. Strange how there was never a doubt that this was an intruder, not our cat (who is always welcome on our bed). I found myself screaming, from the shock of it. That scratch stung and my heart kept beating fast for quite a long time afterwards. I love cats so much & would probably dote on this one in the right circumstances... but these were not those circumstances!
So we are going to have to shut our kitty in at night, in order to shut other cats out. Hopefully Fafi won't mind too much...

Anyway, so after a tiring night, it's lovely to have some warm & fuzzy blogosphere happiness to share!
What could be more delightful than discovering that I won the first ever giveaway on Clare's Borderline blog! I've been enjoying her dreamy, pretty and eclectic blog since I discovered it on Blue Eyed Night Owl, and am looking forward to following its new features, with reviews and a regular movie feature. Apparently there will be more giveaways to come as well! Clare's infectious personality is above all what makes it well worth visiting often.
I've always loved Lush, ever since it was just one little shop in Devon, so I'm over the moon to be receiving their Out of this World box, which they say is perfect for daydreamers... and on the theme of dreaming, the other prize is a print of Augusta, by Caroline of Viridian house, whose beautiful illustrations of ethereal girls have a quiet intensity.

I feel amazingly lucky to have won another giveaway, and I feel a little guilty too! But I'm just going to enjoy it; more than ever I feel inspired by the generous and creative spirit to be found in the blogosphere.

On that note, I will be posting again today about the Paper Sparrow Hitchcock blog party taking place today, for which I've done a guest post, so please do swing by later on, or just head straight over to Andrea's blog!


Blue Eyed Night Owl said...

Aw, hope you didn't get scratched too bad! It would scare me too, well anything that happens out of the blue has me jumping in the air haha, especially when I don't hear anyone coming and all of a sudden see someone has been standing there, happens with my mom on a regular basis;)

You should just enjoy it and not feel guilty!
When I win something, I usually also win one or two things straight after, and then for months there's nothing at all. I guess some people spread it out and we just get it all at once;)

Look forward to seeing what you did for the blogparty!

Immie said...

Oh my, that sounds terrifying! If it happened to me I'd be on the ceiling...I really hope it didn't scratch you too badly. I'm also wondering why it felt the need to creep into your house, up onto your bed and randomly introduce itself to you at such an hour ;)

You're so sweet! I'm really excited that you won too :3! I'll be emailing you in a few minutes <3


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