Friday, 13 April 2012

priorities: sketchbook project update

Slightly scary but very true: the deadline for the Sketchbook Project Limited Edition is 30th April! My sketchbook is going much better than last time (read more about that here) but I still have a LOT to do before the deadline. I need to make this my priority for my creative evenings.

Above is a peek at one page, made from a patchwork the shiny wrappers of chocolate Easter eggs. When I was a child I always wanted to save those foil wrappings, they seemed so bright and pretty! But I never knew what to do with them. It seemed apt to use them for this page on the theme of childhood. I found the words in a 1950s children's book when I was working on a custom Etsy order. The photographs of children come from 1960s newspapers.

I like it when there is a little gap sometimes between words and image, so you have to think. There is something terribly poignant about old photographs of children, knowing that so much time has passed, wondering who they are.

My sketchbook project is taking me back to my childhood memories and fears, my early love of owls, and the creative paths through my life. It is a very liberating and enriching process.

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