Saturday, 14 April 2012

your very own perfect song

This post is about something awesome I came across and just had to share! I love following Juliette Crane's blog: she paints pretty & atmospheric owls, shares inspiring images, and runs art e-courses too. I noticed that the video for her e-course 'how to paint an owl' had a lovely soundtrack. You can hear it and see Juliette at work below (double fun):

How To Paint An Owl e-course video from Juliette Crane on Vimeo.

I was intrigued: how had she come across the perfect song? And how come there's an owl song I don't already know?! A little bit of searching led me to the answer: The Wiggly Tendrils. Headed by T.W. Tendrils (is that his real name?), this versatile songwriting team and band will write and record any song you need, for a mere $100 and 2 weeks!

Oh, and if you're broke, this note at the end of the song request form is for you:
"Have a great idea…
but no money? Feel free to call
 440.TEN.DRIL (440.836.3745)
 song idea.
 listen to your 
message, and
 it’s *really* inspiring, 
I’ll write 

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