Thursday, 26 April 2012

5 reasons I blog

This post, or variants of it, has been slowly forming for a while. I've been reading a lot of posts about blogging lately (scroll to the end for a list of some I recommend) and it's made me think about why I blog and what it means to me. I came up with 5 big reasons why I blog, so here they are!

1. This blog is a unique space in my life
A lot of my time is filled with the challenges - and pleasures - of work and family life. Writing this blog gives me a chance to do something different and to have a space that's just for me! It allows me to explore and enjoy parts of myself that otherwise might become (and indeed in the past have become) entirely pushed out by other things.

2. Blogging helps me to nurture my creativity
Devoting a blog to the creative side of my life allows me to nurture and value my creativity. When I'm writing about making things, I reflect on what I've done and it helps me to learn from my experiences and encourages me to try new things.

3. Blogging keeps me motivated
If no-one is watching, it's all too easy to let lethargy or self-doubt win the day and let projects slide. I'm one of those people who easily comes up with and gets excited about new ideas but can have trouble seeing them through. Making my plans and projects public (as with my careful Christmas project, 34 things to make and sketchbook project) gives me more of a sense of accountability and keeps me motivated.

4. Blogging allows me to connect with others across the world
Everything I've said so far are things I kind of expected or hoped for from my blog, but the vital importance of this one - of making friends and connections through blogging - was something I never anticipated! The power of interaction with others - be it a brief exchange of comments or a deep and enduring friendship - is astounding! It is no exaggeration to say that my friendships through blogging have changed me and had a huge and positive impact on my life.

5. Blogging makes me think
Writing my posts - whether frivolous or profound - always gives me pause for thought. It makes me wonder what a particular idea, object or image means to me. Regular readers might have noticed an ongoing fascination with childhood memories and creativity, for example (this amazing guest post by Ashlie Blake is one of my favourites).
            And while I don't usually write much about family life (see No.1 above!) for me family and the domestic sphere are very much linked to making things and I love to make things for those near and dear to me. My mother has been a huge influence on me: having always been crafty and creative, she transmitted to me the urge to make things with my hands.

Some thought-provoking posts about blogging:
- On Owning It by Amy of A is for Ampersand
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- On Being the Fat Blogger by Rachele of the Nearsighted Owl
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- Friends, letters and kindredship by Ashlie of PaintingBliss

p.s. thanks to Karen of The Graphics Fairy, for the Victorian advertisement I converted into the image above.

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