Friday, 11 May 2012

hearting handmade

Now that it has safely reached her, I wanted to share with you a custom order I made recently for Masha of the blog Hearting Handmade.
If you don't already know her blog you should check it out: she is a lovely, creative blogger from Slovenia, and also has a section dedicated to hand-picked handmade giveaways.
Masha initially wanted to buy some of my 1920s picturebook badges then decided to get a custom badge too, featuring her blog name. I admire Masha and handmade is also very dear to my heart, so I was over the moon to be able to create this for her.
I wanted the badge to harmonise with the little 1-inch pins she picked out, so I used the same 1920s book, Honey Bear, as my starting point. I knew I wanted the design to include strikingly vintage lettering and a colourful heart.
As you can see, I've been recycling security envelopes in my packaging lately. I also like to gift wrap my items. I have some of this neon-yellow tissue paper at the moment and I thought Masha would appreciate the mix of such a modern colour tied with vintage lace.

I'm so happy that her package arrived safely and that she was pleased with the results!

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