Friday, 15 June 2012

it's all good

Celebrations all round: my husband got a promotion to manager at work! This is pretty incredible considering just 6 months ago he was still a temp. The only thing is that it's quite stressful. There have already been some hairy moments. I decided to make him a little present to help at those difficult times.

The idea came to me one evening when we were putting our little one to bed, both of us exhausted, the little one hopping around all hyper like a crazy thing. I grabbed a bottle of lavender oil from the shelf and we started sniffing the bottle. We passed it round between the 3 of us, inhaling deeply and giggling (little one thought it was hilarious). It would've looked a bit dodgy to your casual outside observer, especially with a toddler involved, haha! But we all suddenly felt blissfully chilled and relaxed (now it sounds even more dodgy!)

That's when the idea hit me: my man needed a lavender bag for work, to bury his nose in when things were getting tough. Lavender is amazing: it works every time! I wanted to make him something not-too-girlie, something a man would feel comfortable bringing out at work.

Hmmm, well, it's not manly exactly. But it's not too girlie either, right? (Riiiight???!) I think it will do the trick. He is French after all. The embroidered text means, "everything's OK"... or "it's all good". I was a little tempted to put 'like a boss' but I wisely refrained ((if you haven't seen the Lonely Island song, you should - be warned it is totally gross & x-rated but I find it funny!)!

what's your go-to anti-stress solution?

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