Saturday, 23 June 2012

quick quilt

"Sugar and spice and all things nice" - you know the rhyme, right, about pretty little girls and gross little boys made of slugs and snails? While I completely disagree in principle with this sexist rhyme, I have to admit that I've been longing to make something properly girlie. The birth of a friend's baby girl seemed the perfect opportunity!

It was also the opportunity to try a little more patchwork, with just 30 big easy squares. I love using what I have to make patchwork: it's a mixture of my mother's vintage stash, vintage finds from the wonderful HearthandmadeUK shop, new scraps from other projects, and also some pieces from this stash.

I kept things really simple. Although I'd love to experiment with different bindings, for this quick quilt I just used a simple topstitch around the edge.

I hugely admire complex, advanced patchwork and quilting and want to try some fancier things soon, but I think that even something simple can be pretty, personal and meaningful.

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